Benefits of Chiropractic for Huntington Beach Surfers

 Surfing is “Rad Brah”, but these surfing athletes of mine get pummeled regularly! That is why you must have a great chiropractor that you can count on to keep you on the swell and in the barrel. A quick kick back off the lip or a hard drop in can lock a low-back spinal bone and wreak havoc on strength and agility. Who wants to surf and paddle out when you have sciatica or can’t even stand up straight? 

I have been helping big wave surfers for over 20 years. I’ve been privilege to volunteer at the U.S. Open downtown Huntington Beach Surf contest, adjusting the pros after their heat; Instructing doctors of chiropractic overseas while having a successful family and sports chiropractic clinic here in Orange County in the great city of Huntington Beach, California. I see great success amongst my patients when the source of the pinched nerve is removed. Strength returns, function restored and paddling out becomes exciting and pain free again. 

All my surfing patients seem to have one thing in common, they have very strong back muscles that support the spine and that helps them to hold their adjustments longer, and heal faster. I also specialize in helping you with that incident when you go over the falls and hit your head on the sand, jamming the neck then later headaches, shoulder and low back pain amongst other problems start showing up.  

Don’t let these symptoms keep you out of the water. We all get locked spinal segments, A.K.A., SUBLUXATION. Minimize their damaging effects by staying regular with your spinal adjustment tune ups. “Live in the Wellness Zone!” If you take care of your spine, your spine will take great care of you. I promise to help you with accurate effective precision care. X rays on site. Professional expert healing hands await you worst pain syndromes. Ave. cost $30-$40 a visit. 

Jeffrey Trigo, D.C.

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