Chiropractic and Athletics in Huntington Beach

Chiropractic spinal tune ups give your athlete a competitive edge, that why you will find most professional and college teams have a chiropractor as a “team doctor”.  Chiropractors help keep the athlete on the field and stop minor injuries from becoming major ones without the use of drugs or surgery.

Sports Chiropractic

Sports injuries nearly always misalign the structural system, the skeletal system. This jarring of the body locks vertebra (spinal joints) out of position thus pinching nerves and stopping normal joint motion.

Many symptoms can occur and fool the family into thinking it’s not a chiropractic problem when in fact the adjustment is the only thing that will restore normal function back into the body. The adjustment is always gentle and accurate and will yield fast results. Bat speed and torso rotation will improve, coordination is a nervous system function and since we are improving nerve function with the realignment you can also expect better athletic performance. Normal motion will return and other symptoms go away like sinus problems, digestive disorders, headaches, and numbness anywhere, back pain, shoulder pain, heart burn, ear infections, vertigo, hip or knee pain, better sleep and energy etc.

Jeff Trigo, D.C. has a successful family practice in Huntington Beach and has helped thousands of patients get back to health over the last 2 decades. If you come in to see me I will help and the family, with the most affordable price guaranteed. No insurance necessary, discount family plans available too.

Chiropractic and Sports Huntington Beach   

As a doctor and instructor of Chiropractic I see many injuries in the above pictures that forceful twist or impact the frame thus locking up spinal joints (Subluxations). This causes many unwanted symptoms. Please get your athlete and family check for vertebral subluxations today, you will be very pleased with the results on your overall health. I look forward to seeing you. Huntington Beach Chiropractor,  Jeff Trigo, D.C. Q.M.E.