Arthritis in Huntington Beach

ArthritisFor healthy joints, they MUST have motion. Loss of joint motion rArthritis 3apidly dries out the disc and cartridge. Research shows that dehydration is visible by M.R.I within two weeks of Subluxation! These locked joints will always lead to arthritis over time. After our growth plates become skeletally mature our joints can only get the rich nutrients they need found in the synovial fluid by a process called imbibition, motion that pushes fluid in and out of joints. This lubricating system is altered dramatically when subluxation exist thus putting endangering Arthritis 3pressures on spinal nerves and creating loss of joint motion leading to arthritis. Other Factors include inflammatory diets, toxic chemicals, and sedentary life styles to name a few. Dr. Trigo has created a natural and effective way to ease the Arthritis 3inflammation and pain you are feeling from arthritis and create a natural long lasting solution in your wellness plan. Hundreds helped already and books of testimonials available in lobby and treatment rooms for your viewing.