The 5 Components of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex, (VSC):
1. Joint Damage (Kinesiopathology)


Locked Vertebral Joints (SUBLUXATIONS) Cause The Disc And Cartlidge To Dry Up / Rot Away, And Nerving Endings Shrink Thus Loss Of Power With Their Neuro-Transmissions… Dis/Ease!

*vertebra out of proper alignment
*increased stress and damage to joints discs and ligaments
*locked or “cracking” sounds
*unbalanced posture
*reduced range of motion
*loss of energy, fatigue and pain

2. Nerve Damage (Neuropathology)


Dried Disc Rip Budge and Herniate

*nerves compressed, stretched, or “pinched”
*altered nerve function
*altered internal organ function
*altered brain function
3.  Tissue Damage (Histopathology)

Abnormal Muscle Tension and Postural Distortions.

Abnormal Muscle Tension and Postural Distortions.

*Tender areas to the touch
*swelling and inflammation
*weakened joints
*soft tissue damage
*unnatural wear and tear causes arthritic changes to surrounding tissues

4.  Muscle Damage (Myopathology
*weakened muscles, cartilage, ligaments and tendons
*tightness and spasms
*postural distortions
*trigger points

5. Overall Health Degeneration

 Loss of Overall Health

Loss of Overall Health

*dis-ease (lack of wellness)
*organ malfunction, bone, joint and disc destruction
*accelerated aging, chronic fatigue, height loss
*decreased immunity, digestion, concentration and loss of function anywhere, pain