Posture Issues & Scoliosis… How Can A Chiropractor Help?

When it comes to the chiropractic space, a frequently asked question is whether or not a chiropractor can actually help with scoliosis and issues with posture. These issues can easily affect anyone to a certain extent. So much so that many people don't really see how spines take on a lot as they go about through their daily lives. Everyone's generally walking around with a budding scoliosis or bad posture issue.

Posture Problems

Unfortunately, a forward bend in the upper back and rounded shoulders is also common for people sitting at computers for too long or walking down city streets with their heads down. If you are experiencing this, know that these posture issues can get worse. 

The average chiropractic patient walks into the office with a bit of a stoop, hunched over chiefly to compensate for back pain. This pain arises from structural issues that are not always easy to detect. A seasoned chiropractor can spot many maladies, including common structural flaws, within seconds just from observing how a person walks in the office.

Read on to learn about whether or not a chiropractor can help with posture issues and scoliosis, and how.

Scoliosis: What Is It?

This condition can be incredibly painful and debilitating, depending entirely on its severity. 

Mild cases can cause pain, but it may not stop someone from performing some daily tasks. More serious scoliosis cases, however, can prevent someone from carrying out some physical tasks, or cause them to experience chronic pain if the lung capacity is reduced. About 10% of patients require corrective surgery.

There are existing chiropractic treatments that are designed to prevent the condition from worsening. For that reason, early diagnosis is very important. Unfortunately, many people are not diagnosed until after the condition has already progressed.

It's known that 3 percent of the American population has some level of scoliosis, as well as 80 percent of Americans who experience back pain at some point in their lives. Even though these conditions may both be labeled "posture problems," they are not the same; scoliosis is a serious ailment with different causes and treatments than bad posture. 

Will A Chiropractor Be Able To Help Scoliosis?

In a nutshell, a chiropractor will be able to help with scoliosis, yes! The chiropractic method of treating scoliosis is well-suited for assisting scoliosis sufferers with their ailments. As previously mentioned, chiropractors will generally be able to tell when a person has spine issues before a word is said during a check up!

Posture Is Vital

Bad posture can cause shoulder, neck and back problems. For example, standing with your shoulders slumped forward will make you hunch, which puts pressure on your spine. Or if you spend many hours at a computer, your head will tend to be forward instead of upright, which again can put pressure on your spine.

When you maintain proper posture, your spine is able to support your body throughout the day. 


A commonly asked question in the chiropractic world is whether or not a chiropractor can help with scoliosis and posture issues. The short answer is yes. There are specific treatments meant for alleviating pain and helping the spine to stay healthy.

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