By Jeff Trigo, Huntington Beach Chiropractor

For many people, having daily shoulder pain disrupts their lives. This can be true from the smallest tasks of everyday life, such as typing on a keyboard, reaching for an object, or even getting in and out of the car.


This is a very small lever-like adjustment to the joint in question. The purpose is to reduce any adhesions in the joint and to restore the range of motion.

Technique 1

Myofascial Release

This is a soft-tissue technique that involves the use of hands to apply deep pressure to specific muscles that are overactive or inflamed.

Technique 2

Cervical Spinal Manipulation

In this technique, a chiropractor uses their hands to gently push and pull the head to manipulate the spinal vertebrae and discs.

Technique 3

Functional Technique

These non-manual interventions are designed to restore mobility and range of motion in the rib cage and shoulders.

Technique 4